Voting Friday 29th March

Thank you to everyone from NE Beds who has written and messaged with their views in the past 24 hours or so.

I will be voting for the Prime Minster's Withdrawal Agreement today. If the Agreement is passed, it enables the UK to ensure an extension of time so that the full deal that has been negotiated between the Government and the EU can be further considered. This would be in line with the position I have taken consistently since the referendum, which is to Leave the EU, but with a deal rather than no deal.

If the Agreement is not passed tonight, and if the agreed deal between the UK and the EU cannot be delivered, I will continue to work with colleagues in the Conservative Party and beyond, for an alternative. I expect to vote for some of those alternatives next Monday if that is the case.

The Speaker has not allowed for the consideration of any amendments today.

The best future for the UK and the EU is for a new relationship between us as good independent partners, which is one with us outside the EU and its institutions, but closely aligned for business, citizens’ rights, ease of travel and mutual security.