Shortstown Primary School - Update

I know constituents with an interest in Shortstown Primary School remain very concerned about the proposed restructuring being carried out by HEART Trust, and I wanted to update you with what actions I have been taking in relation to this.

Last week I had urgent conversations with the Trust and Local Governing Body to better understand the restructuring proposals and the concerns of parents and those connected with the school.

It is clear that these proposals have caused serious upset and what is urgently needed is for professionals on all sides to meet and reopen dialogue about the best way forward for the benefit of the children. It was clear from the conversations I had last week that both parties have the children’s best interests at the heart of their actions.

I do not believe it is appropriate for an MP to mediate in this situation, but I have been in touch with the Regional Schools Commissioner and asked for his urgent involvement. This has now been agreed and a mediator has been appointed and is in contact with the Trust and others involved.

I understand meetings have been arranged this week. The Trust has offered to meet with parents on a 1-2-1 basis, as well as a group meeting this evening (Tuesday 16th October at 6.30pm at Bedford Academy). Many parents were concerned about the short notice of this and I understand the Trust is going to arrange a further meeting for tomorrow (Wednesday 17th). Parents, and unions, have a meeting planned for Thursday 18th and I understand the Trust have been invited and are making contact with the organisers of this meeting to clarify details with a view to attending.

I will update you further with more information as it becomes available.