Public Meeting with Govia Thameslink & Rail User Groups

Alistair Burt MP met with rail user groups from Sandy, Biggleswade and Arlesey on Friday 12 July in Henlow, together with Tom Moran, the MD of Great Northern Rail and other managers of the company. The public meeting was called by Mr Burt to bring to the company’s attention the impact of continuing failures of train services on his constituents.

Mr Burt said:

“Whilst nothing at present is as dreadful as the mess after the timetable changes in May 2018, several problems re-occur regularly making life for passengers using the GN line insufferable. The continual skipping of stations, particularly Arlesey to make up time for trains after problems elsewhere on the network, means that those passengers are treated very unfairly.

More detail, requested by constituents at the meeting, is expected from GTR in two weeks’ time, such as the number of new drivers to be available after the end of August; data on skipped stops; and whether trains which terminate at Kings Cross could be reinstated. 

There was also discussion about what the £80K passenger benefit fund could be used for, and passengers expressed their clear view that this should not be used to bring stations up to the minimum standard, nor used for maintenance which should be routine.

I must stress just how angry and frustrated passengers have been, with heart-breaking stories of the consequences of company failure. We expect much better – the service is frankly intolerable at times, and I will be doing all I can to ensure any promises made are kept absolutely.”