Parliamentary Update

Parliament remains in a state of anticipation in relation to further progress on Brexit.

As constituents will know, the efforts to Leave the EU via the Agreement negotiated between the UK Government and the EU have not yet proved successful, so the Government and the Opposition are engaged in discussion to see if an acceptable formula can be found that Parliament will endorse.

I hope this will be possible, but the difficulty is great. Colleagues seem to be very dug-in as to what they regard as “leaving” or “not leaving” and may not accept what their front benches agree. The public is equally divided - and last week’s local elections reflected significant anger with both the Conservatives and Labour Party, but the reasons are very subjective. Some voters refused to vote for their parties as they judged them “not leaving”, and those who want the UK to remain in the EU could cut through what they saw as the ambiguity of other parties to vote Lib Dem or Independent.

I’m sorry, once again, as a Westminster MP, that our local elections were affected by matters way beyond Bedfordshire, and offer my congratulations to those elected and commiserations to some excellent councillors who lost their positions through no fault of their own.

So Parliament waits for our next decisions. I will continue with my present course, which is to accept that the UK should leave the EU, but with an agreement which will be in our best interests for the future.

In the meantime I have been busy on constituency matters, and will keep my website/Facebook updated.