'No deal' Brexit and proroguing Parliament

A number of constituents have emailed me recently about 'no deal' Brexit. As I have previously made clear, I share the concerns about a ‘no deal’ Brexit, and have consistently opposed the idea.

I remain of the view that this should be avoided, and will continue to press for an Agreement. I am not personally committed to leaving the EU on 31 October at any cost.

I am also of the view that a Parliamentary ruse for prorogation is extremely unlikely. Both candidates to become Prime Minister have indicated that it is not their intention, though Jeremy Hunt has been firmer than Boris Johnson. They will be pressed in the live TV debate tonight on this.

For me, I just do not think any credible Prime Minister could possibly put it forward, when a perfectly acceptable alternative is in existence - as it is. Many MPs would remain in the Commons and need to be forcibly evicted, and I do not think any Government would survive the impact. For this reason I do not personally feel I need to take action today, though I will watch and listen to colleagues very carefully in the next few days, and weeks.