Follow up from Great Northern train meeting - response from Tom Moran

Dear Alistair 

Thank you again for taking the time to organise and chair the recent meeting regarding Great Northern train services. I enjoyed the meeting and was glad of the opportunity to talk to you and your constituents, our customers. 

It was clear from the meeting that there are serious concerns about the service we are providing and I was very clear in the meeting that, as the new Managing Director of Great Northern & Thameslink Railways, I am committed to making things noticeably better as soon as possible. 

On this point, I am pleased to report that, in the two weeks since we met, we have made changes including improving the ticketing reliability for Arlesey and also commissioned the site visits we need to do in order to make various changes to the station. I have also started a full review of ‘skip stopping’ for Arlesey which I will report back on by 9th August (I.e. one month on from our meeting). 

We fielded a lot of questions and committed to replying within two weeks.  I have pleasure in attaching our responses to share with your constituents. 



Tom Moran | Managing Director, Thameslink & Great Northern | Govia Thameslink Railways


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