f40 Campaign Group Letter to the Chancellor

Along with colleagues from all sides of the House, I was pleased to add my name to this letter to the Chancellor calling for fairer funding for our schools. The f40 group represents 42 English local authorities, including Central Bedfordshire Council, with historically low funding for education.

I am proud that the Government has delivered on the manifesto promise to reform the way in which schools are funded. These were historic reforms and, for the very first time, funding is being distributed based on the individual needs of every school. Schools are already benefitting from this and next year, schools that have been historically underfunded will attract up to 6 per cent more per pupil compared to 2017-18. 

However, there is more than needs to be done, which is why I am joining with the f40 group to call on the Chancellor to remove the inequalities in the system and ensure that all local authorities within the f40 group receive the support they need.


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