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Brexit update - more farewells than Frank Sinatra

And so, despite all efforts, these last two Parliaments 2015-17, and 2017-19 have not been able to deliver on the 2016 Referendum, and we now face a general election on December 12th with the issue still open.

BREXIT UPDATE - Super Saturday

In view of Saturday’s events, and in answer to the avalanche of emails which have followed, can I set out again not only where I think we are in the Brexit process, but also my wider thoughts on the UK and the EU, as these are what influence my votes.


Or is it? Who knows, as we enter into what may be the endgame after three and a half years of negotiations post Referendum, or it may not be, depending on Parliament this Saturday coming.

Brexit update - Why take the risk of No Deal?

The heightened rhetoric of the past few days, from talk of collaborators, saboteurs and government of national unity, prompt me to set out what I believe are today’s risks, from one who voted to Remain in the EU, but has accepted the result and voted accordingly in Parliament to leave with a deal

Brexit and politics update - mid August 2019

Traditionally this is a quiet time for Westminster watchers. Most MPs are on holiday, much of the press and media who cover us are also away, as of course are many of our constituents.

Voting Friday 29th March

Thank you to everyone from NE Beds who has written and messaged with their views in the past 24 hours or so.