NCT's #HiddenHalf Campaign

I am grateful to everyone who has emailed me recently about new mothers' mental health.

Tax to fund the NHS

A large number of constituents have written in the run-up to the Budget to ask me that the cash settlement for the NHS that was set out in June should be funded by a fair tax rise. 

Shale Gas and Fracking

I know some constituents are concerned about fracking and shale gas - and it has been prominent in the news this week.  I did write about this in September, but this is a short update.  I cannot attend the debate this week as I will be involved in Ministerial meetings.

Environment Bill

I have had a number of emails and letters regarding the Environment Bill - there are a lot of environmental issues ongoing, but I wanted to give you a brief outline of where the Government is at this time.

"Everybody In" report by Crisis

Constituents have been contacting me about the Crisis report "Everybody In" on how to end homelessness.

Shortstown Primary School - Update

I know constituents with an interest in Shortstown Primary School remain very concerned about the proposed restructuring being carried out by HEART Trust, and I wanted to update you with what actions I have been taking in relation to this.