Bulletin - December - Teaching Phonics

I’ve always been an avid reader; newspapers, books, football magazines, political journals, almost anything.  Electronic reading has finally reached me – I held out for a while – but I realise particularly with travel it’s a fantastic medium for keeping up with events, and having something to hand.

I was pleased at the recent announcement from Government that reforms to the national curriculum have seen the best reading standards in England for over 15 years. In 2010 the Government announced that all schools would be required to use phonics to teach children to read and since then England has risen to joint 8th in the world for reading standards – improving the reading level of pupils from all backgrounds and closing the attainment gap.

This follows official statistics recently released which show 18,116 children in NE Bedfordshire are now attending schools rated good or outstanding – an increase of 5418 since 2010.

I think this is good news for NE Beds and the wider county, as more children are gaining the skills they need to excel in later life and fulfil their potential. Standards in our schools are rising because of the fantastic hard work of teachers, working with the changes Government has made to the curriculum. These results show that we are making sure that every child in NE Bedfordshire gets the best start in life.

I also hope it encourages everyone to get reading; there is so much information out there both to entertain us and educate us, so if you haven’t picked up a book for a while, why not give it a go?