Brexit Update - 14th March 2019

I voted on Tuesday for the UK to leave the EU on 29 March with a deal. Unfortunately Parliament, including a number of my colleagues, did not. This meant that Parliament had to vote yesterday on whether to leave on 29 March with a deal or not.

In line with my long standing public commitments to constituents and indeed the Government, that the UK. should only leave the EU with a deal, I declined to support a late Government decision to oppose what remained the only opportunity yesterday to prevent ‘no deal’ on the 29th March, the Government's preferred and regularly stated position. 

I believe I was right to do so. I will continue to support the Government's efforts in the coming days to secure the situation that I think is right for my constituents and the country, which is to leave the EU with an agreement which supports the Referendum decision, but sets us on a new and positive course for a future relationship with the EU.