Brexit - Revoking Article 50

I have received a considerable number of emails today asking me to vote to revoke Article 50.

I am not persuaded that revoking Article 50 is the best current option.

I agree with the concerns being raised about leaving the EU with no deal. I can assure you that I will do all I can to ensure this does not happen, which I believe is the position of HMG. Should that change, I will oppose such a new position and be working with other MPs to ensure that the U.K. does not leave without a deal. I remain convinced we can.

Despite voting to Remain in the EU, I believe it is now in the UK's best interests to leave, with an Agreement, which ensures the chance of a good relationship with the EU in the future. I would have wished the result of the Referendum to be different, but it was not and I cannot simply ignore it. I do not believe we can put that genie back in the bottle; instead I think the best opportunity for the U.K. and the EU to have a new future acceptable to the vast majority of the British people is as above.

I do not think there is a majority in Parliament, or the country, to Revoke. Many MPs of different parties represent areas which voted to leave, and leaving with a deal appears to many to be the better option. Our issue of course is that Parliament has not been able to agree the terms for leaving, but I hope that will soon change, and I trust that will be next week.

But in the meantime I will be with those who will be preventing us leaving without a deal.

Things may of course change.