Brexit - Chequers Agreement

A number of constituents have contacted me in the last few days following the agreement reached at Chequers on 6 July.

It was always likely to be the case that the process of negotiation would be difficult and probably go up to the very last moment in March 2019.  The decision of the people in 2016 only answered the question ‘leave or stay in’.  There was no blueprint as to what ‘leave’ actually meant and the Government has been patiently working through the options within Parliament and with the EU.  It is an understandably complex process and will continue to be so.

The Prime Minister is about to put her agreed options to the EU in the next few weeks, having listened carefully to the needs of business and those whose lives depend on a reasonable negotiated outcome in the best interests of both the EU and the UK.  There will be elements of this which will not be in accordance with everybody’s wishes but that is the consequence of the referendum, and the Government is having to make the best of a very difficult process. 

I remain fully behind the Prime Minister’s efforts and you can read the Government's statement here:


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