Brexit- another twist and turn

Two things emerged most clearly from the statement by the Prime Minister last night, as she attempted to break the logjam surrounding Brexit.

The first is that she rules out a ‘no deal’ ending. That she has done so is significant. She has not done so because she is a ‘remainer’, or that she is advocating ‘project fear’ or because she wants to stop Brexit - charges which have become increasingly common from those who only see one form of Brexit as being the real deal, and are seeking to persuade others that anything different is BRINO- Brexit In Name Only. She did so because as Prime Minister she has been given the details and understands the real concerns, from constitutional to economic, which would flow from such a position. I agree with her.

Secondly, Mrs May made clear that, in the event of a conclusion between Government and the Opposition leader not emerging, she would abide by Parliament’s decision, thus validating a process begun by MPs recently in their attempt to find a solution as requested by the Referendum. I agree with this too.

There are two reasons why we are where we are. The first is that we have a hung Parliament where no party has a majority, and everything must be done by agreement between parties, notably between the Conservatives as largest party and the DUP as partner. If that arrangement does not deliver, there has to be another.

The other reason is, that try as she has, a significant number of MPs have not supported her negotiated Agreement with the EU so she must now try something different. We might have tried this earlier, but the Prime Minister stuck to her attempt to secure Brexit through Conservative and DUP votes alone, which might have worked but for implacable opposition from some.

As always, I hope these new circumstances provide a chance for a resolution, so that the uncertainty stops and the country can move on. On your behalf, I really want that to be the case.

But I think almost as many options are on the table as yesterday, and do not think my Brexit updates to you will end anytime soon!