Alistair Burt welcomes record number of people in work

Latest official ONS figures show that in the East of England there are 3,135,470 people in work – 391,581 more since 2010.

This is a record high, including a record number of women and disabled people in work. Wages are also rising at their fastest pace in 11 years and ahead of inflation.

In NE Bedfordshire, the number of people who are claiming key out-of-work benefits has fallen by 567 since 2010 – an overall reduction of 33 per cent.

Alistair Burt has welcomed these figures, saying:

“Behind every employment number is a person and a family whose wellbeing and economic circumstances are vastly improved by earning a regular income.

I am delighted that these latest figures show that more people are in work than ever before, average wages are increasing ahead of prices, and constituents are taking home more of what they earn”.