Alistair Burt welcomes new cash boost to tackle knife crime in NE Bedfordshire

Alistair Burt has welcomed new money for local projects to keep communities in North East Bedfordshire safe with preventative measures and support for young people.

Across the country, £9.8 million will go to 21 areas to support earlier interventions to turn young people away from gangs and crime, making our communities safer places to live, work and enjoy.

Central Bedfordshire Council will receive £202,000.  This will fund frontline workers from the voluntary and community sectors who will work alongside school staff, targeting 8-15 year olds, to raise awareness and as a preventative measure.  Parent and carer information sessions will be delivered and the Local Authority will co-ordinate youth crime themed events to bring together professionals from different disciplines to support the sharing of knowledge, skills and opportunities.

Knife crime continues to be a real concern for communities across the country and a range of action is being taken by the Government: the Offensive Weapons Bill will give the police extra powers to tackle knife crime and ban dangerous weapons such as zombie knives, knuckle dusters and death stars; providing funding of £40 million for the Serious Violence Strategy that works with a range of Government Departments and partnerships across a number of sectors such as education, health, social services, housing, youth services, and victim services; and £200 million for the Youth Endowment Fund which will focus on the 10-14 year olds most at risk of youth violence.

Alistair said:

“One violent incident in NE Bedfordshire is one too many and has devastating consequences for all involved. It is crucial that we protect our most vulnerable families from the scourge of gang crime.  The projects we are funding offer real alternatives and hope to young people in my constituency so that they have the opportunity to get on in life and I welcome the additional funding that has been provided”.