A1 Petition handed to Minister

A1 Petition

I was pleased this week to personally hand the A1 petition to new Transport Secretary Grant Shapps MP before the five week Prorogation period began in Westminster.

The petition was compiled by the SG19 campaign group, Sandy Town Council and other supporters of concerns over the A1 including local Councillors and me.

Here is the text of the petition:

"Make the Great North Road, the A1, great again

The A1 is a major north-south route which is vital to the economic well-being of the country but the section between Junction 10 – Baldock – to Junction 14 – Alconbury – is the only major section that is not motorway standard. It includes 4 of the 5 roundabouts on the entire length of the A1 from London to Scotland, mainly in Bedfordshire but also in Cambridgeshire. Parts suffer from high levels of air pollution – joint 2nd highest in the UK for PM 25 and joint 4th highest for PM 10 – congestion and delays that cause noise and nuisance to residents living alongside this road, frequently in very close proximity to it.

Over time, the Government has recognised this and in 1994 a detailed plan was proposed to upgrade the road to full motorway status to assist housing and economic growth on a local and national scale while taking traffic away from communities currently severed by it. Stopping congestion encourages growth. Regrettably funding to implement the proposals was cancelled.

This petition asked the Government to urgently revisit previous decisions and to put the necessary wheels in motion to complete this vital link without delay."