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Environment Bill

Constituents continue to contact me about the draft Environment Bill and I am grateful for the emails I have received on the #LetNatureSing and ‘Nature Needs You’ campaigns.

NHS Staffing After Brexit

I have been contacted by constituents with concerns about ensuring that the NHS has the staff it needs once we have left the European Union.

EU Settlement Scheme

Constituents may find the following letter and accompanying information from the Home Secretary helpful:

Trade after Brexit

Thank you to those constituents who have continued to email me regarding future trade deals and protection of public services.

At International Trade questions on 14 March, the Secretary of State said:

Medicinal Cannabis

I am grateful to everyone who has contacted me about the availability of medicinal cannabis.

Agriculture Bill and Food Standards

I have continued to receive emails from constituents regarding the Agriculture Bill and, in particular, food standards.


A large number of constituents have been in touch recently about animal sentience and the #Betterdealforanimals campaign.

Registration Fees at the Health & Care Professionals Council

Thank you to those who have contacted me about the increase in the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Fee.

Independent regulators like the HCPC do important work, helping to protect the public and ensure high levels of service and professionalism.

Fracking Regulations

A number of constituents have been in touch to raise their concerns about reports that the shale gas industry wishes to review the regulations regarding earthquakes caused by fracking.

Future Trade Agreements

I am grateful for the contact I have received about future trade agreements and the debate which was held on 21 February.