Health & Social Care

The NHS is never far away from news headlines or politics, and the topic is emotive, and the fear of change is high.  Any criticism of the NHS is deemed an ‘attack’, and people often feel forced to choose either to defend it as a matter of principle, or be labelled a political opponent. The truth about an issue then becomes obscured, squeezed out in a political battle. It would be easy to lose sight of excellent patient care delivered every day from GPs surgeries to regional speciality units in our region.

Bedfordshire faces its own challenges, and local health care providers are working together to produce a Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), showing how services will evolve and become sustainable over the next five years. The STP process is important; there has been a lot of miss-information about it – mostly politically orientated – but we have been given assurances about the main services and I want to make sure that the services are configured for the best interests of my constituents and their health. That’s the most important thing for me and why I believe we should see what the process produces. There will be plenty of opportunity for consultation as part of that process.


NHS Future Funding

As the NHS approaches its 70th birthday, I welcome the Prime Minister’s historic funding announcement of an additional £20.5 billion in real terms by 2023/24.  This will benefit services up and down the country and support the NHS to make the right decisions for the long-term, setting it on a sus

NHS Future Funding

A number of constituents have been in touch about how to fund the NHS in the future.

NHS Waiting Times: NHS Mandate 2018-19

I do appreciate the concerns that have been raised about the NHS mandate and waiting times targets for the coming year.  I would like to commend the dedicated NHS staff, and can assure you that the Government is taking clear steps to support the NHS and ensure it offers the world's finest healthc

NHS Staffing and Brexit

Thank you for contacting me about the effects of leaving the EU on the NHS.

NHS Winter Pressures

I fully understand the concerns that have been raised with me about the number of challenges facing the health service this winter.  Winter is always a difficult time of year for health services across the world, and I know that this year is no exception.

Burt on the Benches - January 2018 - A New Year

2018 will be a pivotal year for the UK. Like it or loathe it, Brexit will dominate not just the news agenda, but many aspects of life as the country makes the adjustments required by such a momentous decision by the British people.

Bedford Hospital Merger

Richard Carr, chief executive of Central Bedfordshire Council and lead for the Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, said: “The STP set out plans last year which envisaged all hospitals in the region coming together to design and deliver the best pos

Burt on the Benches - November 2017 - Parliament & Local

With so many topics being debated in Government and Parliament at the moment, and a huge amount of work going on, it’s not always easy to find a few hundred words to cover it all.  I do hope many of you will follow my website, as my team and I try to add information on very many subjects that are