30 Second Survey - Let me know your views

It is really important to me that I know what the people I represent think about the issues facing us locally and nationally.

Please take just 30 seconds out of your busy life to answer these few questions for me.

Health & Social Care

The NHS is never far away from news headlines or politics, and the topic is emotive, and the fear of change is high.  Any criticism of the NHS is deemed an ‘attack’, and people often feel forced to choose either to defend it as a matter of principle, or be labelled a political opponent.

Housing and Planning

I know the issue of housing and planning is very important to many constituents; particularly those who are keen to protect the rural nature of our towns and villages.

East Midlands Trains

East Midlands Trains recently announced changes it was making to it's timetables, from May 2018, to allow for upgrade works to take place on the Midland Main Line. Details of the proposals can be found here: EMT GTR May 2018 Timetable Letter.