Brexit Updates


Press Statement - 26.03.19

With great sadness I resigned from the Government last night.

Having accepted the result of the Referendum, I have worked and voted consistently for the best outcome for the country and constituency, which is to leave the EU with a good arrangement for the future.

Brexit - Revoking Article 50

I have received a considerable number of emails today asking me to vote to revoke Article 50.

I am not persuaded that revoking Article 50 is the best current option.

Brexit Update - 14th March 2019

I voted on Tuesday for the UK to leave the EU on 29 March with a deal. Unfortunately Parliament, including a number of my colleagues, did not. This meant that Parliament had to vote yesterday on whether to leave on 29 March with a deal or not.

Brexit Update

It has been hard to keep pace with developments over the last week.

This week's Brexit

Constituents will be aware that on Tuesday 29th January, the Commons agreed to the Prime Minister returning to the EU and seek an amendment to the Withdrawal Agreement around the issue of the ‘backstop’. I voted to support this.

Brexit Update

A number of constituents have been emailing me about last night's votes.

Brexit - vote on the Withdrawal Agreement

It would be foolish to gloss over the vote last night in the House of Commons on Brexit. It was a huge vote against the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the Government and the EU, and historically extraordinary. Of course it’s a serious blow. 

This week's Brexit

Parliament returned this week and provided a couple of reminders that the Conservative Government does not have a majority, and the complications of that are likely to accelerate over the next few weeks.